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iChat AV with Windows XP [Aug. 27th, 2005|12:26 pm]


Do you all have a tutorial for using iChat AV, including how to get your Windows XP people connected?

I'm ready to purchase an iSight, yet need to recommend a good, yet basic, webcam for my sister.

We want to use both audio and video features.

Any suggestions for 'cams that have had successful AV chats?

If our test works, we will bring in the rest of our family.

[User Picture]From: smokeyblunts
2005-09-27 06:48 pm (UTC)
i just got an iSight and it works wonderfully!
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[User Picture]From: lost_tumbleweed
2005-09-28 04:07 am (UTC)
yeah, I have an iSight, too. beautiful instrument. couldn't ask for better with what's out there.

finally was able to get the PC side to work with iSight ... had to get headphones.

blah. but it works.

and the screen's too small.

but it works.

btw: i love Stewie!
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[User Picture]From: smokeyblunts
2005-09-28 03:16 pm (UTC)
ah, well i have a MAC (iBook) so i'm not familiar with using iSight through a PC. as a matter of fact i hardly have any "buddies" in my iChat list that have MAC so i don't know too many people that i can do cam2cam with.

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[User Picture]From: lost_tumbleweed
2005-09-29 04:25 am (UTC)
sorry to cause confusion with my lack of articulation.

i have an imac.

the rest of my family use PCs.

i have an iSight; family members are getting webcams like logitec zoom!, etc.

PC Windows isn't very good at working with macs on getting the audio AND the video to work at the same time.

i found a solution for my PC-using family: headphones!

now i can see them AND hear them.

seems backwards ... but this was the solution.

macs rock. iSight rocks.

this experiment only adds to confirming this point.


also the video window on the PC is really small ... another negative!
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From: greencandlee
2007-11-12 11:29 pm (UTC)


Actually, am not a webcam geek, but I have a good link I often use when I'm in trouble with my webcam http://www.webcam-list.com/blog/2007/09/which-webcam-buying-guide.html They have a lot of usefull staff over there
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[User Picture]From: lost_tumbleweed
2007-11-13 05:01 am (UTC)

Re: greencandlee

Thanks for the link.

It's been awhile since I posted this question.

At this point, we're not using PC/Mac A/V, but we could in the future.

I'm bookmarking that link for future.

Thanks, again.
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